Nigeria – October 2014
Africa Meets Reggae International World Music Festival
All Roads Lead To Nigeria

All roads lead to Nigeria. Africa Meets Reggae invites you to come to Nigeria for its first annual music festival as reggae returns to the motherland. It is a beautiful place. Our people are very loving, caring, giving, protective, and hard working. They do not act differently towards people who are different but we embrace them and treat them equal with respect and care. Nigeria has problems just like every other nation on earth but that does not make it a dangerous place. In fact, Nigeria is a very safe and serene place. Nigeria is working together to solve its problems and they will do so and they will still live together as one people regardless of what anybody says or does. As I have been blessed to travel around the world I have come to realize that my birthplace, Nigeria, is the most beautiful place on earth: strong, wealthy and blessed.

Nigeria is a great tourist destination. Nigeria is the most populous and wealthy black nation in the world and we are the future of Africa and Africa is the center and the future of the world. So come to Nigeria. Come and celebrate a hundred years. I, and my fellow Nigerians around the world, and Nigeria invite you all to come and celebrate its Centenary (Nigeria’s one hundred years in existence).

One Love,
Victor Essiet (The Mandators – On Behalf of Africa Meets Reggae with Tom Chasteen and Russell Gerlach)