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Africa Meets Reggae has been an annual event in Los Angeles, USA, under Echodelic Music and Dub Club Production. The Festival has always had in attendance world renowned reggae artistes yearly. The African version (franchise) berth on the platform of Mystic Records USA/Nigeria, a recording and production company being anchored by Victor Essiet of the Mandators which brought the maiden edition to Nigeria in 2014 at Hockey Pitch, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos and also second edition in 2015 at Ember Creek Water Front, Ikoyi and Hockey Pitch, National Stadium, Surulere, Lagos with a message for all and Sundry. The theme for 2015 was “Voice of the Voiceless”, while the theme for this year (2016) is “One People” with world and internationally recognized and locals in attendance. The concert came in two parts in 2015. Likewise, this year’s events will also be in two parts with audience segregation in other to satisfy and cater for all lovers of Reggae and world music in Nigeria and neighboring West African States. There will be an indoor event before the outdoor. The outdoor will be without restriction to attendance while all minors must be accompanied by adults. The show is not exclusively for Reggae artistes only as artistes from other genre whose messages are in line with our theme are welcome.


On gaining independence in 1962, the Jamaican youths wanted a particular type of music to call their own, thus the adoption of SKA , which was developed from the American R & B             and Mento. This brand of music with high tempo was slowed down to birthRocksteady, whose rhythm was later used in the creation of REGGAE. It is worthy of note that the Rastafarian movement had a major influence in Reggae, Nyabinghi, a style of ritual drumming perform as a meditation practice in the Rastafarian life was one of the predecessor of drumming in Reggae. The Pioneers, Larry Marshall, The Beltones and later American artiste Jonny Nash are front liners of Reggae music in the 1960s’. Most notably were Jimmy Clef, Wailers, a brand created by the Legendary Bob Marley, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer. Reggae Music was used as a platform for message dissemination, philosophy and a tool for protesting mankind inhumanity to mankind and also use as a tool to build a nation and to promote Tourism in Jamaica. This is not taking away the fact that it served most often times than not as a harbinger of unity.

Oneness and preaches love to all and sundry. The Nigeria music scene in the late 80’s and early 90’s had amongst it renowned artiste in the Reggae genre who were at the beginning compared with world greats in Reggae. They are Victor Essiet, the Mandators (rat race exponent), MajekFashek (send down the rain crooner), Ras Kimono( Rumba Styley), OritsWiliki(cool man revolutionair). These artistes were at the forefront of human rights activism through their music and some were grossly abused by the system because of what they stood for through their lyrical contents.


  • The Africa Meets Reggae is a platform that preaches Peace, Love and unity through music.
  • To empower the youths and be the voice for peace, unity and justice for all citizens of mankind.
  • Be a platform that preaches, teaches and believe in the equality of all men and women without recourse to social, economic, political or financial stance in the society.
  • To contribute positively to the lives of our youths and adults by influencing their psyche and redirecting their inherent energies to be more positive and constructive.
  • Play a prominent role in promoting a humanitarian response to the plight of people worldwide.
  • Create an atmosphere of togetherness amongst the Nigerian entity, Africa and the world at large.
  • Be a platform for positive message dissemination to the world.
  • Celebrate reggae, its legacy, achievements, and roles in the shaping of the human perspective to each other.
  • To provide a platform for budding and established artistes to perform with live band to a large live audience.
  • Re-establish Reggae music as a societal conscious leading genre.
  • To show the Reggae side of the new generation music artistes.
  • Present music that is enjoyed by both the young and the old audiences.
  • Offer sponsors a new platform to leverage their brands.
  • Re-establish Reggae Music as a leading, strong, evergreen, commercial music brand.
  • Promotes Tourism.


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